"We bring you the rich Diversity and Knowledge of African Botanicals,

Cold Pressed Oils & Butters."

Rich Diversity in Africa

Africa has 25% of the world's Botanical species. Can any responsible company, thinking of the future, run the danger of of considering these sources for New Product Ingrediente & R&D?

The Medical Research Council of SA (a Government sponsored entity) has 24 000 indigenous plant species on their database claiming to have medicinal value? Of these they have extracted a “shortlist” of 4 000 species that they believe have commercial value! Can this wealth be ignored?

We believe Europe might have a maximum of 2 000 plants drawn from all over the world that are used in “natural products” - including, homeopathic and pharmaceutical remedies, food additives, health foods, cosmetics etc.

We believe that we can help you find the specific plant material you require.