"We bring you the rich Diversity and Knowledge of African Botanicals,

Cold Pressed Oils & Butters."

Fair Labour Practice and Ethical Trading Policy


To provide
  • Fair Working Conditions for all employees,
  • Safe Environment for all employees and visitors
  • The same to our suppliers
  • Protection to our Environment
  • And also to plant species that we utilise in our economic endeavours

Employees, Management, Visitors, Contractors, Suppliers, Labour Service Providers

Afrinatural will provide all employees with fair and safe work conditions. Any visitors
will be notified of Afrinatural’s intent

Afrinatural commits to:
  • following including requirements South African legislation,
  • as well as any other guidelines applicable such as ILO
  • Recommendations listed in the Sustainability Initiative of South-Africa (SIZA) and incorporated into standard to which the business subscribes
  • Comply with ALL applicable laws
  • Apply the standard and/or law which affords the highest level of protection
  • Continuously evaluate and where appropriate, improve performance
  • Communicate / inform personnel of this commitment as well as the requirements established in this, and any
  • Other applicable standard

With this policy Afrinatural commits to:
  • Not to use Child Labour
  • Not to make use of any form of Forced, Bonded or Indentured Prison Labour
  • Respect workers' right to Freedom of association
  • Not to allow any Discrimination, Harassment or Abuse in the workplace
  • Provide Safe and Healthy Work Conditions
  • Ensuring that Wages, Benefits and Terms of Employment comply with local legislation
  • Ensuring that Working Hours is effectively managed