"We bring you the rich Diversity and Knowledge of African Botanicals,

Cold Pressed Oils & Butters."



BZH Exporters & Importers was established in 1998 by Mr. Kersten Paulsen, a well-known South African Botanist, which soon became the leader in the field of procuring and supplying a wide variety of medicinal plant material from the African continent.  This resulted in the establishment of various cultivation projects and strategic alliances across the African continent to ensure sustainability and quality supply channels.

Adolf Joubert, with a strong background in Business Management and Consultation and a long successful career in his own businesses, joined BZH Exporters & Importers in 2005 and took responsibility and control of the strategic planning, development, financial, administrative, and logistics management.

With the dream of expanding the business more aggressively in international markets, BZH and Afrinatural decided to merge in September 2009 and continued to trade under the sole name of Afrinatural with Adolf Joubert as CEO.

In 2012 Afrinatural decided to expand its product range by incorporating innovative Indigenous Oils, Butters, and Resins for the cosmetic and fragrances industries. To do so, Afrinatural has been in continuous consultation with industry experts such as Ms Karen Swanepoel (current president of the SA Essential Oils Association) in order to facilitate the selection and quality management of the developing oil pressing and associated industries in Southern Africa. Through this cooperation, we are confident that we can offer high quality African products and simultaneously support rural economic development in Southern Africa.

In February 2013 Afrinatural took over Zizamele Herbs with their exciting retail products – blended medicinal teas as well as capsules of well-known and very useful indigenous products.

Following this, Afrinatural has been selected by CBI (Dutch trade development agency) to participate in a 3-5 year trade development programme. This will expose us to best practices & requirements as expected by EU clients. The benefit will also be available to all our international, non-EU clients.

The Belgian Government approved a project in 2016 and sent out an Industry expert to assist management with effective financial planning in an international environment.

After 2-year of consultation, the first step of a well-planned, Strategic Plan was launched in May 2023. The opening of Afrinatural China (www.afrinatural.cn), supported by a genuine Mandarin-speaking executive, marketing & IT team.

Afrinatural has been recognised for its contribution to exports & entrepreneurship by the following Awards:

  • RUNNER UP - 2013 Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards (Export Category)hosted by the Premier of the Western Cape Province (where we are situated)
  • FINALIST - 2013 Cape Town Chamber of Commerce Western Cape Exporter of the Year
  • FINALIST - 2014 SA Premier Business Awards (Export Category)
  • FINALIST - 2014 Cape Town Chamber of Commerce Western Cape Exporter of the Year
  • FINALIST – 2014 Small Business Champion Awards (Entrepreneurship, Exports, Small Business)
  • FINALIST - 2016 Cape Town Chamber of Commerce Western Cape Exporter of the Year
  • FINALIST – 2017 National Gazelle Programme (Department of Small Business Development)

More About Us:

  1. The name "Afrinatural” is descriptive of our business - offering natural botanical content and products from Africa to the rest of the world.
  2. Afrinatural has the following in place:
    1. Effective marketing networks and strategic alliances in all international markets.
    2. Well-established alliances, joint ventures, harvesting contracts, and cultivation projects to ensure a reliable, verified, and consistent supply of quality plant materials across Africa.
    3. Very strong and effective relationships with key manufacturers of pressed & essential oils, tinctures & extracts, and capsules & tablets.
    4. Well-networked with world scientists, academics, researchers, and analytical laboratories as well as with relevant government leaders on national and regional level.
    5. We were instrumental in mobilising industry leaders into various associations and task teams - this has led to some of the first Benefit Sharing Agreements in Southern Africa.
    6. In summary – We effectively cover the whole supply chain from the grower, harvester, and manufacturer to the consumer.
    7. As far as possible all products are backed by our verification and quality standards and where applicable and required, products are harvested, produced and sold with applicable documentation.

Currently, our target market consists ofWholesalers, Retailers, Product Developers, and Content Suppliers in the Phytomedicine, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Cosmetic, Cosmeceutical, Personal Care & Health Foods industries. 

Please visit our website at www.afrinatural.com and do not hesitate to contact us should you require more detailed information.